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Hardware+Software solution

Scan your phantom
Send DICOM images to the Cloud
Results within 5 Minutes!!
Image Analysis has never been easier!
Pro-CT MK2 and iPhone 13 Pro with diagnomatic dashboard on a screen

Increase the reliability of diagnostic imaging devices and minimize the risk of errors.

With more than 15 years of experience in healthcare imaging quality assurance, we designed DIAGNOMATIC a hardware and software solution which simplifies the process using automatic, certified, and cloud-based data analysis.

How it works

Scan the phantom.
Stylized 3D image of a CT room
Use one of our test devices.
Pro-CT MK2
Send images to Diagnomatic Connector with DICOM protocol.
Stylized 3D image of a control room
Diagnomatic connector
Images are automatically analyzed in the Diagnomatic secure cloud environment.
Diagnomatic cloud
You will gest an email confirming the device status.
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