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About us

We deliver accurate diagnostics for busy healthcare.

The need to help people is at the core of our company.

Pro-Project provides life-changing solutions that improve the quality of the medical device industry and allow patients and healthcare professionals to benefit from precise diagnostics.

How do we do it?

We do this through developing and producing game-changing solutions that improve and streamline the quality assurance process.

Belly of a pregnant woman, she is holding USG picture of her unborn child.Pregnant woman on the USG examination, her partner is holding her hand.A dentist woman is preparing her patient to Dental Tomography examination.A Doctor holding young girl's foot, girl is lying on the x-ray table.Young woman lying in the Resonance machine with her arms over head.Older woman with short hair sitting on the bed of a tomograph, waiting looking up at somebody.Female doctor and male nurse are preparing a patient for a x-ray examination.A girl is lying on the bed and having USG thyroid examination.Female doctor is standing over the female patient, the patient lies on the bed of CT machine. Both are dressed white.Nurse is standing over female patient before CT examination.Male nurse is explaining something to a female patient, the patient is sitting on the bed of a MRI machine.Elder woman, a Doctor and young male nurse standing by the girl before Computed Tomography examination.Female Doctor is preparing a woman to mammography examination.Nurse is comforting female patient, both are smiling.Young woman lying in the RT machine during treatment.

We pioneer the digitalization of our industry.

We have developed a unique technology that combines a comprehensive software platform and benchmarking test objects for all medical modalities.

Our solutions not only increase the accuracy of the medical diagnostics but also help our customers save a lot of time thanks to automated workflows and cloud-based data processing.

Some processes that took several days and required a team of specialists can now be done within an hour by one operator

We combine innovation with experience and reliability.

Pro-Project was established in 1991. Many years of experience in Quality Assurance and Quality Control in industrial and medical imaging as well as radiotherapy equipment helped us develop and manufacture a wide range of quality assurance devices (phantoms) along with supporting applications and services.

We are the only company in our industry that has obtained such a wide range of quality certificates: ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2012, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

Pro-Fluo 150. A white, plastic square with grids and measures printed on the surface, having plastic trasparent cone mounted in the middle.

Accuracy in Medicine is Everything.

That is why, we deliver Accurate Diagnostics for busy healthcare professionals. What it means:

Less missdiagnosis icon - a target with an arrow pounded in the middle
fewer misdiagnoses
Radiology icon
less radiation exposure for patients
Cancer symbol - a  crossed ribbon
earlier cancer detection
Patirnts icon - a shape of three people the one in the middle is a child
more time for treating patients
Maintenance time icon - gear and clock
less time and money spent on equipment maintenance
Medical symbol
better healthcare...
Safer staff

And now it is time for the next big thing:

Diagnomatic – a fully automated quality control solution for diagnostic medical equipment


Cross - we want medical professionals to be successful in their work and patients be safe and always treated with highest quality equipment.


Matic – we use process automation and cloud computing to deliver precise and objective quality control of medical devices in a short time


Diagno – we give confidence in accuracy of medical diagnostics devices

What makes Diagnomatic so unique?

It is just simple, reliable, and easy to use, even if you manage hundreds of medical imaging devices in multiple locations.

You can manage all your devices from one place, control status indicators and get alerts if at least one of the devices didn't go through the testing procedure.

This makes the quality control process simple, reliable and saves you a lot of time.

We achieved it by implementing the state-of-the-art automation and cloud-based calculation solutions compatible with high-quality and reliable testing devices.

This is the story behind Diagnomatic – our answer to the needs of healthcare diagnostic professionals.

Learn more about Diagnomatic...
Diagnomatic dashboard on tab
vision icon - eye with diagnomatic logo inside

Our Vision

Eliminate medical diagnostic errors. Improve accuracy and safety in healthcare.

Our Mission

Deliver unmatched solutions for quality control. Make quality checks simple, reliable and accessible.

Meet our team

Henryk Kartaszyński
Henryk Kartaszyński
Rafał Henryk Kartaszyński
Rafał Henryk Kartaszyński

Dr Rafal Henryk Kartaszynski, MBA is a dedicated and experienced CEO with demonstrated knowledge and success in working in a variety of capacities through out the medical industry.

Specializing in the field and study of medical devices, Rafal has proven expertise across the areas of business planning, sales management, internationalization of products, hardware and software engineering, and more.

Not to mention, Rafal has also served in a variety of leadership positions throughout his highly decorated career. 

Martin Dahlin
Martin Dahlin
Global Sales Director

Martin has over 20 years of experience of working in sales and management. A majority of that time has been spent working with imaging QA. He has worked with both distributors and end customers all over the world. Martin Lives in Gothenburg, Sweden with his two children.

Tom Douglas
Tom Douglas
Sales Manager Americas

Tom has over 20 years of sales and marketing experience working for both manufacturers and distributors. He’s helped provide solutions in the healthcare industry including particle and flow instrumentation, gas detection equipment, and even medical waste containers. He enjoys learning and being a resource to his customers and colleagues. He lives in the Phoenix, Arizona area with his wife and daughter.

Artur Kołosiński
Artur Kołosiński
International Sales Manager

Experienced Sales & Marketing Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the medical device industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Marketing Management, Medical Devices, Sales, and Market Research. Strong professional graduated from Warsaw School of Economics.

Nick Brown
Nick Brown
Global Key Account Director

Nick has over 20 years of experience in sales and management. Over the years he has worked in sales team management, key account management and distributor management in industries such as med-tech, automotive, manufacturing and advanced test & measurement instruments.

Nick lives near Bristol in the UK and loves spending time with his family and travelling either within the UK or globally. When at home, he is an enthusiastic amateur cook, watching football at his local team Bristol City and enjoys driving experiences such as rallying, tank driving, race tracks., etc… his next adventure is driving a truck!

Advisory board

Mats Alm
Mats Alm
Advisory board

Mats Alm is the CEO of Luxbright. One of the most innovative smaller companies in the imaging field today.

Mats Alm has a degree in Controller DIHM, IHM Personal Leadership, from IHM Business School.

He has 30 years of experience in the X-ray market.

Mats was one of the first employees of Unfors Rayasfe and held several key positions during the growth of the company, including CEO.

Mats was previously Chairman of the Board of SenCere Medical AB.

Other assignments: Board member of Ten Medical Design AB and Fridkulla Invest AB.

Our history

  • Rebranding to Diagnomatic, whole new website
  • Improved software, fresh user friendly interface
  • Winning Red Dot Award in Branding and Communication category
  • First time presence on the biggest radiology assembly in the world - RSNA
  • AVIA Capital invests in our company
  • Our factory has been expanded - doubled in size
  • New product range - electron density phantoms / tissue mimicking materials
  • US office moved to Las Vegas, Nevada
  • R&D operations set up in Nevada, Las Vegas
  • Second International Distributor Meeting
  • Major investment in our infrastructure has started- we are doubling our production and reasearch capabilities
  • We have been recognized as one of the best 89 companies in Poland by the Polish president
  • First International Distributor Meeting
  • Global presence growing - distributors in over 112 countries
  • New revolutionary product for CT - Pro-CT mk II
  • Prestigious delivery for all hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Introduction of the combined software solution (Pro-Control +
  • ISO 27001:2013 introduced
  • Global presence growing - distributors in over 105 countries
  • Pro-MAM Accreditation FF, made for RaySafe and Supertech USA, receives ACR accreditation
  • New product range - ultrasound
  • Pro-Control reaches over 400 installations worldwide
  • Global presence growing - distributors in over 80 countries
  • Growing presence in the US - new partners
  • Setting up the Pro-Project office in the USA (Miami)
  • ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 introduced
  • Global presence growing - distributors in ober 78 countries
  • Pro-Project phantoms officially in the RaySafe and Fluke Biomedical global offer
  • Initiating cooperation with RTI
  • Quality Assurance Center launched globally
  • Unified software platform combining all Quality Control elements introduced
  • Global presence growing - distributors in over 65 countries
  • New product range - NDT tools
  • Global presence growing - distributors in over 55 countries
  • New product range - magnetic resonance phantoms
  • New Pro-Project production facility opened
  • New product range - nuclear medicine and radiotherapy phantoms
  • Pro-Control software introduced
  • New product range and technology - gold discs contrast details phantom for mammography
  • Global presence growing - distributors in over 40 countries
  • ISO 13485:2003 introduced
  • New product range - tomography phantoms
  • Global presence growing - distributors in over 20 countries
  • New product range - mammography phantoms
  • First distributors abroad acquired
  • ISO 9001:2008 introduced
  • New product range - radiography phantoms
  • phantom production started
  • first patented phantom - the Pro-Dent Set
  • Focus on radiation safety issues
  • Pro-Project founded by Henryk Kartaszyński

Our customers

Our customers appreciate the quality of our solutions and services. Read their testimonials and references below.
Feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

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Now with the use of the Pro-Project’s phantom kit and a multimeter, our engineer can perform acceptance tests by himself. He sends both meas-urement and DICOM images of the phantoms to his account. Afterwards, the Pro-Project service analyzes both the meter readings and the phantom images, and produces a complete acceptance test report.

Siemens Healthcare

I recommend the Pro-Project company as a reliable partner whose products are made with extraordinary precision, meet top-down standards and make use of pioneer solutions.


In our opinion, the equipment [...] is of high quality, and most importantly, our customers are satisfied with it, which is an encouragement for us to continue this cooperation.

Quantum Medical Imaging

[...] phantoms makes it possible to run tests quickly (in a couple of minutes), as well as reading, analysing and recording test results in a surprisingly simple way. Self-handling, without the need for any further training, is possible thanks to a very detailed manual and forms coming with the set.


[…] the part of the service we are using is constantly upgraded and developed according to our recommendations, requirements and arising need. This offers us a great flexibility and increases the potential of the solution.

Siemens Healthcare

Innovation, transparency and uniqueness are the unquestionably the greatest assets of the software in question. […] software meets the needs to create a transparent base of radiological equipment test results.

Independent Public Health Care Centre in Swidnik

It is beyond any doubt that this is unique software on a global scale. […] It makes it possible to save time previously spent on making out, archiving and storing traditional paper documentation.

Regional Occupational Health Care Centre Lublin

[…] portal gives us a lot of information about the performance of each X-ray unit we are overseeing. […] All the data in the cloud is presented in a very orderly and clear manner. All that opens up a very valuable insight into all tested C-arms.

Siemens Healthcare